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Doing Business Since 1992 in Cleaning Service.

“ Our goal is 100% customer service satisfaction ”

Since we started in 1992, we have provided well in excess of a million hours of service across the US. With over 80% of the services so far provided being repeat, whether it be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or ad hoc. Because of the high rate of repeat customers this gives us confidence to feel we are getting it right most of the time. In fact, our customer feedback tells us we are “getting it right” 99.99% of the time but our goal is 100% customer service satisfaction.

Customer Focused Reviews

The principal reason we continue to adapt and evolve our business model is to ensure that we are meeting our customers’ expectations. One example of this has been to use modern technology and the introduction of the real time tracking our teams using GPS. This ensures our customers get the time they have paid for has been spent at our customers’ homes since this is the most common problem within our industry.

We Are Committed

As a result of our philosophy to be the most forward thinking home cleaning company and our focus on understanding customer needs, we have and will continue to expand across the US with franchises in the southwest of US to the north east of Alaska with over 50 territories nationwide.

Our business continues to evolve. During 2012 we will be adding to our services specialist steam cleaning which will allow us to offer oven cleaning, tile grout cleaning, specialist cleaning of shower screens and seals, kitchen cupboard fronts, etc; all without the need of strong and dangerous cleaning fluids.

We Provide Our Best Cleaning Services for You.

While we were not the first home cleaning company in the US, we take pride in being market leaders in introducing an instant online booking system plus the facility for our customers to login and control their cleaning service 24/7, 365 days a year putting you in complete control. This development is yet again another example of the innovative approach Clean care services takes to addressing its customer needs.

Our Working Experts

Trained cleaners should be hired to carry out cleaning work, as there are certain requirements and peculiarities that must be met and an uncertified worker may simply not be able to perform the tasks assigned to him. This can affect general cleanliness, floors, furniture, in the form of stains, drips, and not washed dirt in room corners

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Of course, if you know exactly what you would like then you can use our online booking service and arrange your service within a few clicks and once you have confirmed, you will receive your login details enabling you to take full control of your booking 24/7, 365 days of the year!

Our Working Process

During an initial telephone enquiry, drawing from years of experience, we can provide outline guidanceas to what level of service you may require and the comprehension of our service package. For a regular cleaning service, we prefer to arrange an appointment at your home to discuss your individual needs in order that we can provide a tailored service to fit in best with your needs and your budget.

During this initial chat you can ask us any question about the service, view our testimonials and discuss “the nuts and bolts” of what you would wish to be included